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Press/Media/Business Publications
Publications - Author

*  Harvard Business Review: The Key to a Better Board: Team Dynamics
*  The Conference Board - Director Notes: Boards with Healthy Dynamics Create Shareholder Value
*  International Journal of Governance and Disclosure: Improving Corporate Performance by Enhancing Team Dynamics at the Board Level
*  Harvard Business Review: Good Conflict Makes a Good Board (Ranked # 161 of all HBR authors)
*  The Corporate Board Magazine: Evaluating Your Board as a Team
*  International Journal of Governance and Disclosure: Threats to Board Stability: Understanding SME Director Behavior (top ten downloaded article as of November 2013.)
*  Governance Metrics International (GMI): Study Confirms the Buffet Rule on Boards: Collegiality Trumps Independence
*  Governance Metrics International (GMI): Boardroom Conflict: Productive or Not?
*  Governance Metrics International (GMI): Study: Less Turnover Better Performance at Firms Well-rated by GMI
*  NACD: The Promise and Risk of Information and Technology at NACD Directorship Forum
*  NACD: Powerful Peer Exchanges at NACD Directorship Forum
*  NACD: Problem-Finding: A Vital Board Skill
*  Unpublished Research Manuscript: Enhancing Firm Profitability by Improving Director Dynamics
*  The Pit Stop: Your best strategic C-suite partner - Surprise! It's the Chief HR Officer.
*  HR Director: The Art and Science of Valuing People
*  HR Director: Eureka! How to Recognize and Reward Innovation
*  Compensation & Benefits Review: Family-Friendly Benefit Legislation: What's Next
*  Social Science Research Network Journal: Boardroom Theater: Actors, Actions and Their Consequences
*  Company Director Magazine, Australia Institute of Company Directors: Retaining Top Talent in a Turbulent Job Market
*  NACD Directorship Magazine: Do directors get a fair shake in compensation?
Academic Conferences

*  International Academy of Management and Business (, Nov 2013 - Winner Overall Best Paper Award
*  International Leadership Association (, Oct 2013
*  3rd Annual Engaged Management Scholarship (, Sept. 2013 - Accepted to Doctoral Consortium
*  Academy of Management (, August 2013
*  International Academy of Management and Business (, Jan 2013 - Winner Best Student Paper Award
*  2nd Annual Engaged Management Scholarship (, July 2012 - Accepted to *  Doctoral Consortiu
Annual Engaged Management Scholarship (, Sept. 2014
Practitioner Conferences and Other Speaking Engagements

*  NACD NJ Chapter Education Program, 2013, Keynote speaker
*  NACD Annual Conference, 2011, Session speaker
*  NACD Annual Conference, 2009, Session speaker
*  SHRM, New York Chapter Annual Conference 2008, Session speaker
*  Conference Board Conference, 1999, Session speaker