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Client Testimonials
TQ™:  “Thanks to the work we did with Solange, our board has made great progress in the past two years. Her work with us was very helpful in articulating and quantifying what we needed to do -- and in giving us a push forward!” Executive at Fox Stage Productions at Twentieth Century Fox

HR Analytics: “Solange is a true HR professional who adds real value to program and project development or business initiatives. She is a delight to work with and she can be counted upon to deliver superlative results, from concept to final output.” Executive Director, Animal Care & Control of NYC

HCTAS: “Solange worked her magic in our due diligence process not only to identify hidden liabilities that would have cost us over $35 million and significantly change the economics of the transaction, but allow us to realize financial success in the deal based on the seamless post-acquisition strategy she developed and implemented for us.” Executive, Acquisitions and Global Brands at Havas Worldwide